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Bigger and Better Coast Garden Photos August 15, 2010

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We brought out the big camera this time.  Here are a few of our favorite potential portfolio shots of the Oregon coast garden.  What do you think?


7 Responses to “Bigger and Better Coast Garden Photos”

  1. English Says:

    I want my ocean on Columbia Street

  2. Jeanie Jarvis Says:

    Love the firepit area and bench/arbor. Are both the bench/arbor metal? Very beautiful wooly thyme on the stairs as well. I love these steps.

    • mosaicgardens Says:

      Thank you! The arbor is rusting metal and the bench is ipe with a rusting steel frame.

      That woolly thyme is on a mission.

  3. Brooke Graham Says:

    I am in love with the birch tree tunnel — how beautiful! What type of birch trees are those? What is the system that is holding them up? How would one go about replicating this amazing design?

    • mosaicgardens Says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m out of town at the moment, but hope to be able to give you a thorough answer soon (maybe with a photo or two).

  4. Kees de Wit Says:

    I find the photographs very inspiring. Where East en West meet. Very nice indeed.

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