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In the Doghouse (Or, Speaking of Catios…) July 3, 2010

Filed under: garden design — Rebecca Sams from Mosaic Gardens @ 9:28 pm
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The Abiquiu House by Anderson Anderson Architecture

We were just talking about this!  We ran across an article about this cool, contemporary, pet-friendly space designed by Anderson Anderson Architecture.  We love the low impact of pre-fab construction and we’re thrilled to see it cropping up in unexpected places, but this house’s indoor-outdoor pet spaces deserve a longer look.  What they call “chain-link” looks like its more attractive, geometric cousin, welded galvanized wire, to us.  Again, the article emphasizes the benefits of containment to the pets, but we bet the local wildlife doesn’t mind too much….

We also love the quiet, let-it-be landscape (much easier with pre-fab).  Why mess with a good thing?


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