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Studies in Texture at the Bancroft Garden June 24, 2010

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Our trip to Northern California was brief, but we are so glad that we made time to visit one of our favorite gardens.  The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA is a mecca for hortitexturephiles and garden lovers of all stripes.  We wrote a short post about the Bancroft Garden last year, but we may not have been emphatic enough in our praise.   It is magical.  You should visit.  Soon.

As you probably know, a sunny summer afternoon is less than ideal for photographing gardens, but Buell managed to get a number of fun shots and (we think) a few pretty darn good ones.



3 Responses to “Studies in Texture at the Bancroft Garden”

  1. rocco Says:

    I like the pictures so much I made one into a wallpaper

  2. mom/molly Says:

    Really, Buell the photos are of another world. Thank you for
    your skill and sharing.

  3. […] a few ideas and photos to the journal since the last newsletter.  We discussed everything from our visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden, to selecting containers for planting, to gardening with feathered and furry friends in mind.  Be […]

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