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Cool online tool July 30, 2009

Filed under: friends — Rebecca Sams from Mosaic Gardens @ 5:45 pm

Two from Blooming: Kniphofia northiae and Lavandula 'Purple Bouquet'

Have you seen the Blooming Advantage Plant Finder? Blooming is an exceptional grower of unusual plants, and Northwest gardeners see their purplish pots in almost every nursery. They are best known for their perennials, but they grow a little bit of everything (well, not trees, I ‘spose…).

With the Plant Finder, you can search by name to learn about the habit and cultural requirements of a plant or you can input your requirements, such as sun exposure, flower color and height, and the Finder will generate a list of plants that meet those requirements. Most of the plant descriptions include photos, too. Cool, hunh?


2 Responses to “Cool online tool”

  1. john barras Says:

    hi; can someone advise me whether plaintain lily(albomargarginata) are deerproof.

    thank you

    • mosaicgardens Says:

      If you’re referring to Hosta, most deer eat most hostas…. We have seen hostas go uneaten in deer gardens in our area, but that is more the exception than the rule. If you don’t have many deer, or you really want to try a plant, buy one and put it along a deer path. If they eat it there, they’ll eventually find it in your garden.

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