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Deer??? Deer! May 3, 2009

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A deer-resistant cottage garden

A deer-resistant cottage garden

We are rarely visited by deer in our part of Eugene. In fact, the hungry boogers haven’t browsed in our garden for a few years now… until today. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t bad – just the tips of a rose and some raspberries – but it was enough to remind us of how much damage some uninvited guests can do.

Many of our clients’ gardens can seem like deer superhighways, however. With a lot of experimentation and a little help from our friends, we’ve developed a broad deer-resistant palette. Of course, there’s no such thing as a “deer proof” plant, and every garden is different, but these photos of frequently visited gardens might surprise anyone who thinks they can’t share a great garden with deer.




Silver Brunnera 'Jack Frost' brightens this shady, low-maintenance deer garden

Silver Brunnera 'Jack Frost' brightens this shady, low-maintenance deer garden

The below page from the April ’08 Sunset fails to mention that the garden in the photograph is one of our best testing grounds for deer. The photo features two of our favorite types of deer-resistant plants: dwarf conifers (in the photo – Picea sitchensis ‘Papoose’) and hellebores (Helleborus x Sternii).

Do you have deer? Have you discovered any plants that aren’t on the conventional lists? We’re always searching for new ideas, and we hope you’ll leave a comment with your “finds” below.


3 Responses to “Deer??? Deer!”

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  2. […] A big, hand-coiled, Vietnamese urn and rustic basalt path anchor this pretty garden.  Our client requested a cottage-style planting with as much pastel floral color as her voracious deer would allow.  We balanced the seasonal color with bold foliage for year-round impact.  This garden has some great ideas, and we’ve discussed different aspects of it in a recent post about “making a scene,” a newsletter about garden features, and a post with photos of three of our favorite deer gardens. […]

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